Taverns are premises established to sell food and alcoholic drinks that are ordinarily consumed within the facility. For a long time, taverns have also had licenses to allow for lodging and guestroom services. Many memories are made in clubs bars and taverns. So, if you are looking to have some fun here are a number of the most famous taverns frequented in the world.

Harry’s Bar

The bar is in Italy, Venus. Most celebrities who have had a chance to visit Italy have found some time to sample the bar and restaurant services. The bar is known for its famous dry martini, which many of those who have tasted says is the driest martini they ever tasted. It is believed that they make their martini ration of gin to Vermouth being 10:1 respectively. They also serve the best Italian dishes in the country. Their mouth-watering bowl of Minestrone cost goes as high as $20.

Bell-in-Hand Tavern

The tavern, located in Boston Massachusetts, began operations in 1795. The tavern became famous for its thick ale, which was so thick it had to be served in two mugs. The tavern is currently known for its famous the best raw oysters, lobster rolls, clam chowder, and salads during the day. At night the dining area converts into a night club that plays live music and has a house DJ, so you are assured of great music all night.

The Eagle and Child

The building that this pub sits on was previously used as a guest house for Chancellor of the Exchequer between 1942 and 1949 during the English Civil War. The pub is currently frequented for its award-winning steak & Nicholson’s pale Ale Pie and their other traditional British pie. They also serve the most beautiful Gins in the country, the very best ale you can find. If you love cider, they serve the best cider from Weston’s family.