In a bid to attract more customers, tavern owners have unique offers that entice different types of people to their establishments. It is mostly a marketing strategy for the owners. For customers, this is one chance to get something in return for being a loyal customer. It could be free beer, or free food, among other things that will bring in more clients. The following are hourly offerings you should be on the lookout for in taverns near you.

Free Beer Hour

Some taverns offer a third beer for free for every two drinks you order. It is usually done in the early hours when people start to trickle into the bars. This strategy helps raise sales for the tavern. The customers will ask for large orders for them to get as many free drinks as they can.

Food Offers

Taverns offer freebies for ordering their signature dishes. It is mostly done during the lunch and dinner hours, so you should be on the lookout when the inn near you has these offers and catch them.

Loyalty Programs

Most taverns have hourly programs for their loyal clients. You will find that they have an hour to give their frequent clients discounts on their bills, for example. So, if you are loyal to one tavern, be on the lookout for the loyalty offer they have.

Special Menu

Taverns also offer a special menu in a bid to attract customers. It can be their signature dish if ordered with a particular drink and you get a discount on the prices. This is done hourly; you need to be alert, so you don’t miss it.


Taverns can’t hold karaoke every night. Some have come up with plans to squeeze in an hour for karaoke and give free drinks and discounts on orders during this period.