If you have visited several taverns in Perth, you may have noticed that many of them seem to have a touch of old school in them. You may have heard that Perth has some of the oldest taverns in Australia. This article will outline the oldest pubs in Perth and how long they have been entertaining their customers.

The Parkerville Tavern

The Parkville tavern, as its currently known, was formerly known as The Railway Hotel and The Parkerville Hotel before adopting its current name in the 70s. The tavern opened its doors in 1920 in Parkerville, Perth. That means that as of 2020, the pub has been operational for almost 100 years. Over the years, the pub has had several owners, and it’s still standing strong. Currently, the tavern opens daily, and the pub is excellent to enjoy a meal either alone or with family and friends.

The Queens Tavern

The tavern was opened in 1889 is among the oldest in Perth. For over 130 years, the tavern boasts of a beautiful and lovely ambience. Their menu has, over the years, been inspired by the local cuisines in Perth. Check it out and try it out.

Mundaring Hotel

Mundaring Hotel was established in 1899 in Perth Hills opposite the Old Mundaring Rail station. The over 120-years-old establishment has been serving the locals food and drinks in Perth. They have recently refurbished the place and named it ‘The Heart of the Hills.’ It is now family-friendly and now they are serving modern dishes and beer with a touch of the traditional heritage of the Perth people to keep the memories of the hotel alive.

The Rosemount Hotel

The proud winner of the AHAs entertainment Venue award in 2017 is a hotel that was constructed in 1902. Noticeably different, the tavern has been holding mid-size music events and remains one of the best stages for upcoming talents and bands that are out on musical tours.